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        On your wedding day I won't only be your photographer – I’m your full time assistant, hype woman, knight in shining armour and more. That's why I want us to vibe. Below, you can learn some important (and not so important) things about me.
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        Hochzeitsfotografin für intime Hochzeiten, Destination Weddings und elopements

        Let's do something out of the ordinary.
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        about me

        Okay let’s go: I love the outdoors (like, a lot), that’s why I moved to the countryside with my boyfriend and our dog Lotte. I have and will always love old movies and good food; I’m a sucker for spontaneous vacations; I prefer the height of a mountain over the depth of the sea. And: I’m a typical extroverted introvert: I love to spend time alone and I need a few days to recharge my social battery after being around lots of people. But being in the moment, I love to make people smile, laugh and want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

        Nothing makes me happier than capturing your story in pictures. I’m always looking for those candid moments that give you goosebumps, the little intimate glances amidst the rush, the quiet moments and big emotions. I want you to be able to focus on each other during our couple session – but believe me, we’re gonna laugh a lot nevertheless.

        The only way to really let go while getting your pictures taken is when you feel completely at ease in the situation. Ironically enough, I am extremely camera-shy and fully understand the first fear looking into that big lens. But that’s also why I know how to take your fear and turn your “we’re going to look so awkward” into an ‘wow, that was FUN!”.